Sunday Church School

Welcome to K.I.D.S.

K.I.D.S. is the new Sunday Church School program of the First Presbyterian Church, Bridgeton, NJ.

K is for Kindness

I is for Integrity

D is for Devotion

S is for Service

KIDS got its start in the 2007/2008 school year.

Each Sunday, the children sit in the front pews of the sanctuary with their teachers and parents for the first part of the worship service and the Children’s Time. Then they go downstairs to the Rainbow Room for the rest of the hour.

The team of teachers and parents is led by Linda Ward and Alaina Pillsbury.

In the Rainbow Room, the children enjoy Bible stories and short lessons, crafts and pictures to color, stories, and songs. On special days, they have parties in one of the former nursery rooms, and the church’s youth group provided them with an outdoor egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

The children’s pictures are posted on the bulletin board at the Giles Street entrance to the church building. See more pictures on the walls outside the Rainbow Room.

Each Advent season, the KIDS children help decorate the church’s Mitten Tree with warm mittens, gloves, scarves, and hats for children in the Bridgeton public schools.

Each KIDS family receives a children’s Bible to keep reading the stories at home.

During Lent, the children “fed the fish,” meaning they filled their coin-box fish for One Great Hour of Sharing so other children could have food, clean water, and medicines. The fish are dedicated with the grown-ups’ OGHS offerings on Easter Sunday.

In the summer of 2008, we had three nights of Vacation Bible School for the children, our first VBS in decades. In August of 2009, VBS was offered again, but this time in partnership with Bet-el Hispanic Presbyterian Church of Vineland which holds monthly Bible studies and services in our church. This time, VBS was primarily an outreach to children in the community, and about 25 participated during the 3-evenings.