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Our Purpose

Our mission is to preserve the Old Broad Street Church in its excellent condition as one of Bridgeton's historic buildings and to keep it active as a house of worship and location for community activities. Old Broad Street was the first house of worship erected in Bridgeton (or Bridge Town, as it was then).

The historic building is owned by the First Presbyterian Church, but in many ways it belongs to the community. So, our group is composed of First Presbyterian members and others in the community who are committed to preserving and maintaining Old Broad Street Church.

Current State of our Grant Proposals

Old Broad Street Church has become the recipient of the grant amounting to $47,632 from the New Jersey Historic Trust which will pay 75% of the cost of a Historic Site Management Survey of the 1792 structure. This survey will include architectural, engineering, and historical segments.

The architectural segment will study details of the church pointing up the need for repairs. Old Broad Street has already been called the most pristine example of Georgian high ecclesiastical architecture surviving in the thirteen original states.

The engineering segment will further examine the roof supports, monitor the facades and the foundations of the 18th Century church, and recommend any remedial action indicated.

The historical segment will consider the origins of this remarkable structure with an account of such features as its ornate plster ceiling decorations and its wood stoves and oil lamps surviving since the early decades of the 19th Century. Attention will be given to church life at Broad Street and to events that allowed the church building to remain so unchanged through the centuries.

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