The Origin and Purpose of TOT

After the Presbyterian Women’s Association had run its course in our congregation, and the circles had stopped meeting, some members wanted to start something new. They decided to try an informal luncheon one per month during the school year, and they picked the third Tuesday. From that choice, the event became known as Time-Out Tuesday: a time to take a break, have lunch together, and enjoy each other’s company. Years later, TOT continues to be a monthly event.

In time, the people who gathered took to calling themselves the TOTs.

Each month, two women host the gathering, but often people bring their own lunches, and the hosts provide dessert and beverages. Most often TOT happens in the church’s Bonham Hall, but sometimes it is held at the home of one of the hosts or somewhere else. Some months, the lunch is followed by an informal activity.

Mission and Service

And sometimes TOT takes on a mission project, usually for a local mission such as the Cumberland Women’s Center. The women also help the Bereavement Committee of the Board of Deacons with luncheons after funeral services, and they have purchased needed items for the church kitchen.