Ministry and Mission of Our Board of Deacons

Members of the Board of Deacons provide service of care, comfort, and charity in Christian faith and love for our church and community. As well as the many services provided sucha s dinners, picnics, holiday flower and food basket distributions, and charitable events, the deacons have the following committees:

Bereavement – providing receptions if needed after funeral services and other services of concern

BloodMobile – providing the congregation with information on upcoming local blood drives

Cards – providing and sending greeting cares of various natures as needed

Casserole – providing meals and contacting others in the congregation to provide meals for people just home from the hospital or in other circustances where a meal would be helpful and encouraging

Kitchen – providing moderate upkeep and supplies for that facility

Literature – providing the congregation with pamplets of important information

Mission – providing information as a liasion between the Session’s Mission Committee and our board

Prayer Chain – providing a confidential prayer chain among the Deacons for those in need

Receptions – providing receptions, including refreshments, as needed

Transportation – providing transportation for those in need of rides to services or medical treatment

Visitation – providing company and companionship

Wheelchair – providing our wheelchairs and other medical equipment to people who need them

Church Nominating Committee representative – providing a slate of nominees for church offices

Coffee & Fellowship Time – securing and scheduling volunteers to make coffee and tea for our Fellowship Time after Sunday worship services